PizzArte brings the Italia

For Scott’s birthday dinner, we visited PizzArte, a Neapolitan joint located in midtown (good pizza in midtown? I was just as surprised!).

PizzArte is a two-level establishment that functions as both an art gallery AND a restaurant (supposedly you can buy any of the art displayed). The inside has a really cool vibe and both the food and the staff scream authentic Italian, if my memory serves me correctly!

We started with the frittura all’italiana, which was a sampling of potato croquette, rice ball, fried dough with tomato sauce, and zucchini fries. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo before diving into it, but it was a fabulous starter that was delectably filling but light at the same time. We ordered the serving for one ($11) and just split everything in half.

Since we ordered an appetizer first, we chose to get only one pie, which was the Verace ($16): San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and basil. The basil appeared to be cooked with the pie (rather than added on after) and was slightly dulled by this but still left an excellent bite (I should mention I could smell the basil while waiting outside the restaurant – always a good sign to me!).

The mozzarella was thick and creamy, but didn’t have any stringiness to it and therefore came off in chunks when you bit into it. The pie was a bit oily (clearly sprinkled with olive oil, as you can see above), and the sauce was smooth but much sweeter than similar Neapolitan pie sauces I’ve had.

The crust was nicely charred, lending a smokiness to the sauce on top of the sweetness. Despite the style of the pie, the crust remained strong enough to not completely flop under the weight of the sauce & cheese (except in the very center, which is to be expected). It definitely wasn’t as difficult or messy to eat as other Neapolitan pies I’ve had (like Via Tribunali’s); I was impressed with how much structure there was to the crust. The cornicione (new vocab word! it’s the end of the crust) was chewy and puffy.

I’d definitely recommend PizzArte to anyone, especially in the pizza-barren (ahem, GOOD pizza-barren) midtown area. Perfect for a bite if you’re near Times Square, the south end of Central Park, or Rockefeller Center. I didn’t try any of the other dishes, but they also offer meat and pasta options.


69 W 55th Street, New York, NY 10019