Getting Serious.

I think it’s about time I get serious about pizza.

Not that I haven’t been serious – because let’s face it, I’ve been obsessed for a while – but now it’s time to do something about it. I’m starting to think that my Facebook and Twitter friends are getting a bit sick of my food posts, though honestly, it has brought a lot of old (and new) friends out of the woodwork. So many people have contacted me with places they’ve heard of, articles they’ve read, wishes to join me on my next pizzadventure. So for the people who care, I’ve created this: Have a Pizza My Heart.

Now, I don’t want to mislead you – it won’t be all pizza. It will also be delicious baked goods and, inevitably, some ranting about things that “grind my gears” (can’t believe I just referenced Family Guy – can’t believe I just pointed out that I referenced Family Guy).  I would also love to share things that friends have eaten and enjoyed – the prettier (or cheesier), the better – so feel free to send it my way!

This also means that I feel I need to get serious about actually judging the pizza instead of just taking a picture and shoveling it down my throat (which is just as fun).  I shall dream up that criteria soon. I think it’s only fair to start using this criteria on my visits after this point, as it wouldn’t do the places I’ve already been justice to fake a memory on exactly how I enjoyed their slices.

Most of the pizza I consume is in New York, though I don’t discriminate – I’ll eat it wherever I go. I have an extensive list of places I’d like to visit, as well as places I’ve already been. I’ll go back in time and remember those pies in upcoming posts.

Time to start pizzin’ (making up words, yeah!).