Theater District: Merilu & Sullivan St Bakery

While you can argue what district or neighborhood these pizzerias are located in, Scott and I stopped at both Merilu Pizza al Metro and Sullivan Street Bakery today before going to see Magic/Bird on Broadway. Both of these are counter-service with a small seating area.

The first stop was Merilu, which makes their pies long and Roman style. They had about six choices out, but we went with the Margherita. All the menus and reviews I’ve seen advertise many other types of pies, so I guess it depends on the day.

The crust is thin and crunchy, softened on top by the cheese but solid on the bottom. The cheese is stringy and salty, which contrasts nicely with the sweet sauce.

The crust certainly holds up without sagging. I’m not entirely sure what the grated cheese was as the description only includes mozzarella.

Next up was Sullivan Street Bakery. I tried the zucchini slice while Scott went for the pomodoro. They’ve got a small seating area at the window where the sunshine just poured in on this lovely day!

This slice had so much crunch to it, between the deliciously hearty crust (bread is a big thing at Sullivan Street Bakery, after all) and the crispy cooked zucchini. There’s also gruyere cheese in the mix. There’s clearly plenty of zucchini, and it becomes the star of the pie rather than the cheese.

The inside was porous and light and the bottom of the pie an excellent browned color, reminding me slightly of foccacia.

I found the pomodoro to be slightly less impressive, especially since their slices are served cold – but Scott seemed to enjoy it all the same.

Definitely hit these places up if you’re in the area. They’re far enough west that you can avoid the massive tourist crowds as well – which is always my preference.

Merilu Pizza al Metro, 791 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10019;

Sullivan Street Bakery, 533 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036;


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