NYC Classic: John’s of Bleecker Street

Backtracking once again, the final stop on my 2011 pizza tour with SPT was John’s of Bleecker Street. The first stop had been Lombardi’s, which I loved; the second Pizza Box, your typical “NYC pizza” but nothing remarkable to me (above: Scott playing with dough in the back courtyard of Pizza Box). John’s was perfection; exactly what I was looking for at the end of a pizza-, walking-, learning-filled day.

John’s is a New York City pizza institution, if you will. Apparently, it’s frequented by celebrities such as Jack Black, Bruce Springsteen, and Jon Stewart – and there’s photos in the front window to prove it.  Speaking of Jon Stewart, I did really enjoy his Trump/Palin pizza rant (Famiglia? Seriously?).

Just look at that. Beautiful.

John’s slices are crisp and thin, “coal fired brick oven” pizza. Once again – NO SLICES, but trust me, you’ll want to eat an entire pie ($16.50 for a large). It was the first pizza I’d had in New York that I really fell in love with, and is still one of my favorites to this day. I loved that there was sauce on top of the stringy, bubbling cheese as well.

Here’s another shot from when I went back in December. Everything just works so well; and there’s char – so be still, my heart. I’d recommend getting there early on busier nights since they don’t take reservations and a line tends to form outside. I’d also recommend trying their calzone – it’s massive, literally looks like a pie folded in half – and extremely savory.

Bleecker Street itself, btw, is a mecca of wonderful foods (especially pizza). I truly wish the entire West AND East Village was right in my backyard. So many good eats.

John’s of Bleecker Street

278 Bleecker Street
(212) 243-1680


3 thoughts on “NYC Classic: John’s of Bleecker Street

  1. need to get to Queens. Belvedere Pizza on Guy Brewer and Maurgarite’s on Jamaica Ave are pretty good also. But the BEST isn’t even in NYC. It’s in Warren,OH,Carmen’s Pizza,yummy,lol

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