Sunday Funday: Luzzo’s & ChikaLicious

SO my wunder-ful boyfriend Scott is most often the one who accompanies me on my pizzadventures, so we decided to make a day of it today before he headed back to the evil land of Grand Central Terminal.

Today’s stop: Luzzo’s Restaurant in the East Village. A cute, decent-sized place with a coal oven. I really loved the benches where we were sitting and all of the homey decor. When we got there, we were the only ones there – but it was only about half an hour after they opened on a Sunday, so…

Perhaps our favorite part was the Italian music videos playing in the background. I recognized Vasco Rossi from my Italian classes; Scott thinks they all sound like Vertical Horizon.

Their regular pie is the “bufala“: buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil. I loved how evenly cheese’d it was, almost polka-dotted with mozzarella. I personally didn’t taste a difference with it supposedly being “bufala mozzarella” (though I am a huge fan of bufala mozzarella on its own, caprese-style).

Easily cut, the crust was SO incredibly crisp that I was amazed. I’m a huge fan of crunchy, crispy things – and I have literally never had crust this crunchy. The edge, end of the pizza was still full of soft, chewy dough, but the outsides, and especially the underside, crackled away. It was thin, but thick enough to not droop underneath the weight of the sauce and melted cheese.

The bottom was decently charred to give it that smoky taste. Scott described the sauce as “tangy,” which I would have to agree to, but not in the typical sense. Whereas many pizzerias on Long Island and even in the city have a heavy, dark sauce, this sauce was light, airy, and in my mind – perfect. A good mix of sweet and savory, melting right against your tongue. One interesting thing I did notice was there was a decent amount of olive oil on the pie, a flavor that I ADORE, and perhaps what made the sauce so interesting. Most places don’t include olive oil; rather, it’s the cheese cooking that gives off that grease. I loved this sitting on the table as well…

At $21 for a 16-inch pie I’d have to say their price is probably typical of most of the Napoletana-style pizzerias in NYC.

But the best part of the bill? It came in this bucket.

And naturally, to follow up the pizza, I HAD to get dessert, so we made our maiden voyage to Dessert Bar, ChikaLicious only a few blocks away. There is no shortage of desserts I’m dying to try there, including the cookie eclair ice cream sandwich. Today, however, I settled (if you can even call it that!) for a delicious banana cupcake.

Nice to look at, VERY nice to eat. I have to be honest, usually I’d go with something straight up sweet like chocolate or vanilla but I was feeling a bit more adventurous, and it was worth it. Excellent icing to cake ratio; moist cake that didn’t crumble; extremely flavorful. I was really surprised at how fluffy icing is – I’ve never had anything I could actually describe as that.

I am so more than willing to go back there and try different treats. Yum yum YUM.

Luzzo’s Restaurant
211 1st Ave
(between 12th St & 13th St)
(212) 473-7447


Dessert Club, ChikaLicious
204 E 10th St
(between 2nd Ave & 1st Ave)
(212) 475-0929


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